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Filament ABS-T - Transparent

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Print material called ABS-T is suitable for print object has temperature stability into the 100°C and higher strenght and hardness. It is an acetone-soluble polymer. For better connection layer is recommended print in closed chambre.

Recommended print settings:

    Nozzle: 230-250 ° C
    Washer: 90 - 110 ° C
    For sequins, we recommend a nozzle of 0.47 mm or larger.
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------


More resistant to heat than PLA, it begins to melt at 180 °. It also folds more easily and does not break. Very resistant, it is suitable for printing mechanical parts for example. This resistance allows post-production treatments: drilling, sanding, painting ... You can even change its appearance by applying acetone.


The only downside is that the risk of failure is greater when printing, especially for reasons of lower resistance to temperature shock. Printing is also longer because the printing platform must be kept around 120 degrees to avoid temperature shock.

In general, 3D printing is primarily dependent on the printing accuracy. The accuracy of printing itself is more or less dependent on proper calibration of the printer itself. For wall printing, a thickness of at least 1 - 2 mm is recommended. With PLA, corners and transitions can be printed more sharply and more accurately than with ABS at lower temperatures. PLA under the same conditions is less resistant to temperatures than ABS. PLA starts to soften at about 60 ° C, while ABS up to about 100 ° C. ABS prints are mostly opaque, PLAs are rather glossy. So if you expect higher temperatures around the final product, then ABS is the better choice. PLA material is biodegradable, while ABS material is not, but can be recycled. PLA is more suitable for use in the food industry.

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