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GreenTEC comes from our BIO performance range and has been specially developed for high performance applications. The material has a heat resistance of 115°C (VST) and is optimised for high tensile and bending strength. At the same time, it offers a high-quality matte feel.

GreenTEC is the ecologically safe alternative to common industrial materials, consisting of 100% renewable raw materials and being biodegradable according to DIN EN ISO 14855. In addition, the raw material has food approval (FDA).


-Heat distortion temperature up to 115°C

-Good tensile and flexural strength

-Low warping

-High stability



-Made from 100% renewable raw materials

Maximum stress:

With its good stress properties and excellent impact and breaking strain, GreenTEC offers the ideal material for high-performance applications.

Elongation at break:

GreenTEC is slightly flexible for a good load absorption.

High temperature resistant:

GreenTEC is a high performance material with a heat deflection temperature up to 115°C and therefore is a good alternative to very difficult to process materials such as PC, ABS, POM, PEEK.

Ease of printing:

GreenTEC is recommended for users with medium experience. Its strength lies in comparison with PC, ABS, PEEK, which also have very good temperature resistance, but are difficult to process.

Visual Quality:

GreenTEC has a very good optical quality with a matt surface and reduced layer visibility.

Layer adhesion:

The layer adhesion is very good with GreenTEC. Manufactured objects break across the layers when they are destroyed.

Impact resistant:

Due to its slight flexibility, it can easily withstand external 

Speed: 40-60 mm/s 

Printing Temperature: 200-230 °C

Print Bed Temperature : 20-90 °C


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